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When it comes, it comes, that was my attitude but now I was thinking, "f*** me", and all the things I should have done were flashing through my mind.'Someone was shouting, "He's going to arrest," and someone else was shouting "Quickly" and I was lying on the trolley with my arms and legs over the sides and I thought it was a stupid way to die.' Palmer had been 20 minutes into a Masters football match between England and Germany in Singapore.His wife and doctor had urged him not to play because a few weeks earlier he had suffered the latest in a cluster of health scares which resulted in a dash from Wellington College in Shanghai where he runs a football academy to the hospital where he underwent thorough testing.

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The Owls were promoted, finished third in the top flight, qualified for Europe, reached three cup finals plus a replay, won one, and Palmer forced his way into the England team.'He says he wants to leave to play in the Premier League.'You tell him you want him to stay. The manager at Blackburn Rovers calls about your star player.'He says a deal has already been done.He's worth a million quid but they are only offering £500,000. But the star player is content to go there because they offer him the most money.'Stockport were relegated and engulfed by financial crisis, sacking Palmer inside two years for a cheaper alternative.Palmer was snapped by paparazzi at 4am, still wearing his club tracksuit, having climbed on to Woods' back because he was barely able to stand.Only when he staggered into the team meeting at 10.30am did he realise Waddle and Woods had failed fitness tests earlier in the week and were not playing.'His own happiness has been restored, initially thanks to a move to do TV punditry in the UAE.

Then came the chance to establish a sports academy at Repton School in Dubai because former Manchester United defender David May declined the job. Four years ago, Palmer moved into a similar role at Wellington in Shanghai, where Lucy also works as a teacher.I wouldn't want to undermine real sufferers, but the thought genuinely crossed my mind, enough to think about the various methods available to me. How that changed.'Today Palmer is bubbling with energy in Shanghai.As he enjoys a glass of red wine at the end of the working week, he jokes that the only Chinese phrases he has picked up in four years are: 'Another one of the same please' and 'Is this happy hour?He owns up to mistakes, and there have been a few, mostly involving alcohol.After a discussion with Gordon Strachan, late in his career, he agreed to follow his own rules: train every day and never drink shorts.'It was too far to the hospital and there was no defibrillator on site. Deep bruises on his chest lasted for three months as evidence of the struggle to save his life. Even then, he was lucky to escape without suffering a heart attack or a stroke and certainly was helped by the supreme fitness which formed the bedrock of his 20-year career in football.

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